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NEW: How to Use Planet Romeo Radar to Locate a Guy

Click on the arrow down mark right of Your Location on the top. Choose EDIT LOCATIONS
Add New Location write an approximate address in the box ans click "Search Address"
Move the icon with the face to where you think he stays. SAVE it ! and write the profile name in the box below USER
Click Search. It shows a distance. Move, edit and save again, search again. If the distance is more far, you had the wrong idea.
Do it a bit systematically and narrow the distance. Ideally it should be 100m (you will never reach less)
If it is a hotel the method is very accurate. Compare it with
A kind of arrow right of the user name indicates the guy used a mobile phone when he created his location.
In general the results are very accurate then.
Some guys have multiple profiles on GR. To detect this search for somebody within the same age group / weight / height and location.
A "very clever' guy may use slightly different locations on purpose. One example for this tactic is Pisat-Noi using 3 locations nearby and very different profile pics.
Of course somebody could use a totally wrong place, for example before he goes on vacation he tries to attract some local boys or men already.
Finally don't forget to change your real location again after you got the clues where "this guy" is.

Uncensored Android App Gay Romeo Uncut Available


How to see all the good sexy pictures on your Android Mobile Phone ?

In too many Android dating apps, you are restricted in what you can see by Google’s rules. But Now PlanetRomeo Uncut is available for Android Smartphones
and BANG, in a minute you'll have access to all the photos. Gayromeo made it available directly for download from their servers.

If you want a fast method to know the status of a gayromeo user
type into your browsers address bar
for example you can see when thomversa was online last time or if he is online now with sex or chat
by going to
  Note:  This works only if the user has enabled it in his privacy settings
Who can open and view your profile ? Everybody.

Alternatives for are the more neutral version
or use the gayromeo IP address for login:
On ANY smartphone or other device it is very easy to check your messages from
  A completely new version of Gay Romeo is in BETA (October 2015) Try it at

You are one of the Gay Romeos on Planet Romeo. Cool.
You met some real hot and interesting friends there. Great.
You want to stay in Contact. Did you gave them your facebook ID ? No.
Now the Special Network for Your Gay Friends and Sex Buddies is Online.
Never lose sight of the guys you like because GR deleted your messages already.
Share the moments  of your life with all the hot pics you could never publish on facebook.
Stay in touch with all your gay buddies and see what they are up to every day. Skype Video Chat integrated.
Share XXX videos, pics, stories, places. It's a Special Gay Edition of Facebook exclusively for you and your gay friends.
Note: If you want to use a second Skype Account for your Gay Buddies Only Use a DIFEERENT email address to sign up for it. The reason is:
People can search for Skype contacts by email address too. If you register both accounts with the same they will both show up.. We strongly advice you to
use your ROMEO PROFILE name for your secondary Skype Account so your friends will easily recognise you in a Skype Chat.

Go to

Du bist ein toller Typ vom Planeten Romeo. Geil.
Du hast dort coole und interessante Schwule getroffen.
Du willst einige nicht aus den Augen verlieren, was bei GR sehr schnell geht.
Aber den wenigsten Guys willst Du Deine facebook oder Goggle + ID geben. Passt nicht.
Jetzt ist das exklusiv schwule Kontakt Medium  fuer Dich und Deine schwulen Freunde und Sexpartner Online.
Du kannst jede Menge heisse Pics inkl. Schwanzfotos uploaden und ansehen. Du kannst Links zu Deinen Lieblings-Videos teilen und austauschen.
Skype Video Chat is integriert. Warum nicht einen zweiten Account mit DEINEM ROMEO NAMEN bei Skype eroeffnen ? So erkennt Dich jeder sofort wieder.

Mehr bei

Applications for Windows PC:

Gay Romeo Optimizer  is a greasemonkey script for the Firefox browser:

Once you’ve placed the mouse over an area, this page with more users will automatically load

and the content will be added to the current page. After installing it you can also use QUICK CLOSE

 this may be very useful in some situations, haha

Read all about Planet Romeo Optimizer and see screenshots at the authors blog
You have to install the Greasemonkey first from Firefox - Tools  (or options)  - ADD ONs


PlanetRomeo for Android is currently the only app showing you all the hot guys in your neighborhood.
Hot Deal: Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, White 16GB (AT&T)


Free Gay Romeo GPS Radar Application for Android:

Android Gay Romeo

  Check out who is online and waiting for you in your neighborhood
  with the new GPS based Gay Radar Application for Android phones
  This is the Mobile Dating Revolution

  Receive and send messages to cute hunks
  See who visited you
  3 different search options
  And other features



Find Out More

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Apple does
                            not allow images from GayRomeo anymore



RomeoLive - the inofficial app to / website.

You Need an EXISTING Gay Romeo ACCOUNT  !

Escort Accounts are not supported


If you find any bug or problem or have feature request, contact the developer first instead giving a bad rating.
Thank you very much!

Recent changes:
Urgent bugfix update for low-memory devices with constantly crashing RomeoLive.
Also fixes the guestbook-entry deletion bug.

Keywords: gay, gayromeo, andromeo, ardent, dating, chat

Applications for iPhone:

iPhone Dating
                          GPS radar

  GayRomeo GPS Radar


Locate hot guys in your neighborhood
or any place in the world with your iPhone

Important Update:

05. Mar. 2013 - 22:51
News about the PlanetRomeo App

Tough news. As you may know, Apple don't allow sexually explicit images in apps for iPhone and iPad. We've always complied by blocking pictures rated XXX from appearing in app profiles, but apparently that's not enough for them. Surprisingly they now say they aren't willing to accept even softcore pictures, and if all nudity is not scrubbed from our app in the next 48 hours it will be taken down. You guys are just too sexy for the censors of Silicon Valley!

As a result Planet Romeo immediately also had to block softcore pictures from appearing on the Apple iOS app. This is frustrating, but please don't blame Gay Romeo in the reviews! We would love to show everything, but Apple just doesn't allow it.
One alternative that allows you to view all photos on a mobile device is to use our mobile browser version at

Planet  Romeo will continue to support and update the iOS app. It is annoying  to see all those "TOO HOT" messages and we will fix it so that they no longer appear, in an update in a few weeks. It's not easy taking on Goliath.

From a message by
Your PlanetRomeo Team

iphone samsung upgrade The iPhone may be a good choice for some gay guys
but there are so many negative issues besides the new
Apple pic censorship on user pics of the planet romeo app
  • battery life is too short
  • you can't use a spare battery or replace it easily

My friends iPhone 3G battery was lasting at most 6 hours.
 When I took it to the local Apple store the first words out of the idiots mouth were:
"Why don't you just upgrade instead?"

Instead of getting pissed at him I said:
"He is and buying a Samsung."

                              screenshot touchscreen

for less than 8 $ per bottle